Another happy customer! More information about the "Electra 7 NH": >>here



A special guitar for a very special woman! More details >>here



This "Firesweep" is a new solid body e-guitar! Klick here for detailed information! 



Check out the "HEART planet", a brand new guitar, exhibited at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim, September 22nd - 24th 2023. Hand-painted surface by the artist Nora Gauger.

Here you can find a small clip with a few photos of the making:


>> Spec sheet model "HEART Planet"




Soon to be displayed at #guitarsummit2023 🎸🎶🛠️

"Vette Convertible"



You are welcome to stop by at my booth number 243 on this year´s Guitar Summit 2023 in Mannheim. I´m already excited!



Here is a new heartguitarsandmore "Fireflite custom" that is now ready for it's new home 🛠️🎸🎶



I recently built the new jumbo sized guitar "Beauville custom". It's made out of maple, abachi, ebony, spruce and oakwood. This guitar sounds very clear🎸🎶



"Vetteis a new bassguitar and it now has a new owner...🎸🎶



That is the top side of the customguitar guitar shown in my last post. Some really nice mahogany 🛠️🎸🌳+🛠️=🎸



To be revealed soon!🌳+🛠️=🎸




7-string meets spring!🎸🌞 

Klick here for further information:


>> Spec sheet model "HEART Sumo"




New motion video of the Sedona Spirit! Painting by Nora Gauger.


>> Spec sheet model "HEART Sedona Spirit"




Das NDR Fernsehen schaute bei mir in Tessin vorbei. Der Beitrag ist Teil der Sendung "Nordtour".,nordtour17618.html




A virtual sneak peek of my showroom and my instruments you can enjoy by clicking on this link:





You´re invited to watch a new video of my electric guitar "Metropolitan", built in Summer of 2022 & exhibited at the Guitar Summit 2022 in Mannheim.

Hand-painted surface, artwork by Nora Gauger


 >> Spec sheet model "HEART Metropolitan"





My new "Donar" bass guitar. 

Watch the instrument in action on my Youtube channel:


>> Spec sheet model "HEART Donar"



Newly arranged showroom with a wooden knight made by Felix Anders. It's a handmade sculpture out of pinewood and also a really great guitarholder. This knight is for sale🎸🛠️





Tuning my guitars at this years Guitar Summit.

You are welcome to stop by at booth No. 138 on the 1st floor.



From September 9th to September 11th 2022 I will be displaying some of my instruments on the „Guitar Summit 2022“.


You are welcome to stop by at booth No. 138 on the 1st floor to have a look and a chat!



You are welcome to enjoy some stunning artworks made by Nora Gauger at the Galerie Waldesruh on June 18th 2022. Also there will be some great handmade jewelry made by Parkland Goldschmiede. In addition to that about five custom guitars that I made will be displayed there as well. Sculptures of Felix Anders can also be admired.


Kontakt / Contact

Tel.: +49 38205 859181


Adr.: Lange Straße 31, 18195 Tessin, Germany

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Vereinbaren Sie vorab per Telefon oder E-Mail einen Termin für ein persönliches Gespräch in der Zeit von Montag bis Freitag 10 bis 18 Uhr.


Please make an appointment by telephone or E-Mail for a personal consultation from Monday to

Friday 10 am - 6 pm.


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